Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom: Our One Day Adventure!

If you are visiting Laguna, you must never ever miss going to Enchanted Kingdom, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province. It is a theme park that features exciting rides, fun activities, wonderful performances and great food. I went there with Faust Ferdinand Eusebio, Alpha Laguerta and Janis Ian Samiano.

We paid PhP500 per person, since it was a weekend. It is apparently cheaper during weekdays, wherein the ticket costs PhP400 per adult. This Regular Day Pass allows you unlimited access to their rides including Space Shuttle, Up, Up & Away, Jungle Log Jam, Roller Skater, Swan Lake, Dodgem, Anchors Away, Wheel of Fate, Rialto, Rio Grande Rapids, Bump n’ Splash, Grand Carousel, Flying Fiesta, Boulderville Express, Bumbling Boulders, Stone Eggs, Air Petrodactyl and Dinosoarus.

There is a cheaper option which is the Carousel Ticket. It is worth only PhP 150 any day, although you would only have access to the Grand Carousel, the Bumbling Boulder and the Boulderville Express. If you have a kid whose height falls between 36″ and 47″, he or she can get the Junior Day Pass, worth PhP320 during the weekends and PhP250 during the weekdays. If his or her height is 35″ and below, entrance is free of charge.

The park features seven zones: Victoria Park, Brooklyn, Boulderville, Midway Boardwalk, Portabello, Jungle Outpost and the Spaceport. You would experience a variety of rides and feel as if you’ve been taken back to history. Because we went there on a September weekends, there were only a handful of people (not really, but the place is not as jam-packed as usual) so we were able to experience almost everything except for the House of Horror and the Wheel of Fate, and other rides that are meant for the kids.

The Space Shuttle, the Jungle Log Jam, the Rio Grande Rapids, the Grand Carousel and the Wheel of Fate are the rides you shouldn’t miss, if you go there. The first three rides are exhilarating, while the last two are slow, “just-for-the-heck-of-it” rides but they are two of the highlight rides in the park.

In the evening, we went on and watched a magic show by Simon and Silver (Simon stars as a vampire in the current fantasy-horror serye entitled Imortal), which is a scheduled entertainment and is not always present. After the magic show, we went to Eldar’s Tent and watched a performance by a popular band named Bloomfields. The band was awesome! It is extremely rare to watch bands that can really perform outstandingly, playing instruments cleanly and without hitch. They get two thumbs up from me!

After eating dinner at the resto (which served delicious meals, by the way) we went and bought ourselves some souvenirs. By 8pm, the famous fireworks display of Enchanted Kingdom brightened the whole sky. The 15-minute sky display is worthy of mention and is something that you sh. If you want to be able to witness their fireworks display, make sure you go to the theme park during a weekend.

Check this video out for the rest of our photos in Enchanted Kingdom!

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