Friday, February 10, 2012

Clydenjosh Restaurant at Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City

If you visit Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City, you won't miss the Filipino-inspired resto by the lake. And if you manage to see it during the evening, you'd be enticed with its nice warm glow that you can't help but approach it.

Last December 2011, my friends and I had our Christmas dinner at Clydenjosh Grill and Restaurant. We were supposed to eat at the tree house, which was unfortunately under construction at that time, so we opted for the "upper deck" huts. No one was occupying any of the nipa huts at Clydenjosh's 3rd floor so we chose the one in the middle that had a clear view of the lake (the waiter was kind enough to allow us our choice as he had to fix the place first). The spot would've been nicer if there were bright lights in the lake, but there were none. Maybe the view would be more enjoyable during daytime.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay because of the cool, fresh wind blowing in our location. The huts were kind of comfy and private, so any group can have fun without worrying about onlookers.

Now, one with the show (I mean food)! We ordered a few familiar dishes, a few exotic ones and one house specialty. It took around 30 minutes to cook the food, but that's alright because we weren't that hungry yet. We were excited at the sight of the yummy dishes once they were served.

We had typical dishes such as fried chicken (for the kids), Kare-kare and Ginataang Hipon (Shrimp in Coconut Milk). We also had exotic dishes namely Crispy Palaka (Crispy Frog) and Ginataang Kuhol (Snail in Coconut Milk) and one house specialty - Sinugno. Sinugno is a dish made of Tilapia that's been grilled and then added with coconut milk.

With the food already right in front of us, it was time to dig in!

It was fun tasting the various dishes. But here's my verdict.

I thought the Kare-kare's sauce was great, although there's not much meat in there. I liked Sinugno very much with its smoky flavor, although it could've been better spicier. Ginataang Kuhol and Crispy Palaka were alright, but it's not the best I've tasted and the frog was a bit dry and too salty for my taste. I would also like to share that I was a tad bit disappointed that the gata (coco milk) recipe for the Ginataang Hipon and the Sinugno were the same.

The price was fair enough. Each dish can serve two to three people. The price ranges from P250 to P450 per dish.

Dining at Clydenjosh Restaurant was a nice experience. Customer service was good, food was good and the view was nice. I loved that the air up there was cool and refreshing. It is not a spectacular resto, but it's good enough for me. :)


  1. Great blog entry! =)

    Sana makatulong ang entry na ito sa mga nagnanais gumala at magliwaliw lalo na yung mga stressed at walang magawa sa buhay.

    1. Thanks! Yes, that's really my intention. I'll make more posts about different places in Laguna that people might be curious about. Stay tuned!

  2. Great I've been here once, sarap ng mga Food nila and affordable..I'ts a must visit in San Pablo Laguna