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Isdaan in Calauan: Feast Your Eyes!

This is a long overdue post. It's been a while since I have posted anything here, but I promise to write more in the coming weeks. Hope you guys find this entry useful!

A lot of people are interested with the relatively newly built establishment in Calauan, Laguna (yep, it's within Calauan, not Bay). It has just finished completing construction, although it has been open for quite some time. What am I referring to? None other than Isdaan, of course!

Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

This establishment, a duplicate of the one in Tarlac, is owned by the Ongpauco Family (read: Heart Evangelista), just like the Barrio Fiesta Singing Cooks and Waiters. The waiters and cooks who'll serve you are always happy to inform their guests of this fact.

Mermaid Statues at Isdaan, Calauan Laguna

Isdaan in Calauan a great place to bring your family too, especially if you have lots of kids (or kids-at-heart). They'll definitely enjoy the sights, which I think is their specialty. It's a great park by day, but it's wonderful at night. It's a dream-come-true for photo-maniacs out there: it's as if you're transported to different places in just a short time.

Feast your eyes on celebrity statues, cute bald monks, Thailand-inspired gods and the towering King Kong.You can have a short boat ride around the place for just P20 (it's the standard tip for the boatman) and enjoy the songs of excellent singing cooks and waiters. Or if you are heart-broken, depressed or just stressed, visit the Tacsyapo spot and throw some plates, mugs or TVs to your heart's content. No swearing though! Just shout "Tacysapo!" with all your might!

The Buddha

I must say, I enjoyed the part where the cooks and  waiters sang a birthday song for my Mom. They even sang a bonus song to boot! They are worth the tip.

Isdaan restaurant charges no entrance fee, but visitors are required to dine. Yes, required. If you visit, they'll automatically hand you a menu while you wait for a free table. I believe it's a way to keep onlookers out and serious diners in.

In my opinion, visiting during the evening is the best. You'll get to see great spots lit dazzlingly. Plus there's always a variety performance at night; you'll surely be entertained.

One drawback of the restaurant is that it boasts of too many concepts at a time. You feel like you're in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Disneyland all at the same time. It's like the concepts are clashing against each other.

Likewise, the food is not that great. It is a great park to visit, but not a great restaurant to dine in. Their food is so-so. Sometimes too salty, sometimes too bland. The food is very expensive and yet the serving portions are too small. If they say fit for three people, they actually mean two, or maybe one.

Kids of all ages! Isdaan, Calauan Laguna

But let us not belittle the fact that they have invested mostly on the park and its grand design. Hence, despite the taste of food, people are still keen on visiting the place. You'll likely see a crowd when you visit. If you want to get a reservation, here are some contact info:

Landline: 049-566-0880 to 81
Celphone: +63-922-844-4392 to 93

Make sure to bring some cash with you, because the last time we dined there, they don't accept any forms of card. They are open from 10am to 11pm daily.

What about you? Have you ever dined here? Please share your experience!
(Special thanks to Ara Gatcelo and Jet Cruz for the photos. More photos below. Also to Miss Kea of Keamistry for the contact info of Isdaan. Visit her blog at

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