Monday, April 7, 2014

eLBi Foodie Adventure: Gastronomeats

Ever since the logo was set up, we've been curious with this quaint little restaurant in Los Baños called Gastronomeats. The style of the place looks a bit different from the rest of the restaurants in town (most have this romantic feel), so naturally, it piqued our interest. We've been raring to try it out since early this year.

Gastronomeats: Quaint Little Resto

This newly established elbi restaurant is currently in its soft opening; hence, I'm going to give them a little leeway when it comes to food preparation and menu.

There is an attempt to make the place look rustic with its simple hardwood tables and chairs. That logo is one fine piece! A few decorations here and there and it would be perfect. However, we chose our orders through the photocopied menu list which can be found at the cashier's area, which is really just a few steps from any table (I told you the place is small).

Waiting for the world to change... Charot!

(Apologies for the pictures, we forgot to bring a camera so we used our camera phones instead.)

You can guess from the name that they serve mostly meats, so please don't expect salads or some vegetarian stuff here!

The pictures of those meats could've looked more delectable had they opted to print out the menu instead of photocopying them!


What We Ordered

Oompa Liempo - P120

The General's Chicken - P85
Slabbed - P160
Sausage Fest - P215
Sloppy Fries - P120
Red Iced Tea - P20

I wasn't asked what sausages I'd like for Sausage Fest though, so maybe they gave us the default -- Hungarian, Italian and Bratwurst. Be sure to provide your choices if you order Sausage Fest. There's a list somewhere in the menu.


Here comes the judgement!

Oompa Liempo - nothing special. A bit too oily. And for the record, there's no side dish of mixed veggies as specified in the menu. They gave us atsara.

Gastronomeats' Oompa Liempo

Slabbed - nice smoky taste, but a bit too oily. It's not the greasy type that you get from frying bacon by itself; it's the type that you get from frying bacon in vegetable oil. Bacon shouldn't be fried in oil; you should instead let its own juices come out for that crispy, juicy taste.

Gastronomeats' Slabbed

Sloppy fries - very sloppy indeed. For P120, the serving size was too small! Anyway, it tasted fine.

Gastronomeats' Sloppy Fries

The General's Chicken - Ferdie called it the foot soldier's chicken. LOL. Jair was disappointed that it was chicken fillet. The gravy was good, though.

Gastronomeats' The General's Chicken

Sausage Fest - I think this was the only one worth the price. The sausages were compact and flavorful. I think it's good that the difference in taste between the three sausages were very distinct.

Gastronomeats' Sausage Fest

Our ratings are as follows (average ratings of three people, rounded to the nearest whole number):

*Ambience and Location - 3 stars

*Customer Service - 3 stars

*Serving Size - 3 stars

*Taste - 3 stars

*Price - 2 stars

MEATing Expectations

Gastronomeats did not meat meet our expectations. We went home full but dissatisfied. I like their sausages so I'm going to try their sandwiches next time, but maybe not in the near future. Someday... someday...

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  1. From the looks of that place, I knew they served mediocre food. If you fancy vegetarian food, try Ashoka. :)

  2. I am stuffed from the Thanksgiving meal and all the leftovers. I could use some healthier, lighter meals! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!