Monday, April 7, 2014

eLBi Foodie Adventure!

I've been in and around Los Baños, Laguna practically my entire life. We usually just eat at a nearby karinderya or buy shawarma rice when we're too lazy tired to cook. Sometimes we'd try a popular resto for want of something new. We've been to a couple of restaurants' grand openings, and we've also been to their last day of operations a week or two later (which has absolutely nothing to do with us!).

Recently though, there's been an onslaught of restaurants in Los Baños that we could hardly keep up. So I've decided to document our foodie adventures here in eLBi (and maybe move to other towns when we've scrounged all interesting restos in the area). Together with Ferdie (my partner in crime) and Jair (my apprentice), we're going to dine at these restaurants and then whine share our opinions later on.

With our pretty busy schedule, our goal is to visit one LB restaurant per week. We're no food critics and we're no experts, so don't expect any highfalutin Master-Chef-style-of-comments from us. But we're not gonna be like Gordon Ramsay either! We're just your typical enthusiastic diners who expect more than just some stomach filling.

Bear with us if you must!

Idol Judgements

How do we judge our experience? Here are the ratings I've come up with:

1 star - Why did I ever think of coming here??!
2 stars - Bad. What went wrong?
3 stars - Good. Nothing exceptional, though.
4 stars - Very good! I'm definitely gonna come back for more.
5 stars - Exceeds Expectations! Where's my bed? I'm going to live here.

And here are the categories:

*Ambience and Location
*Customer Service
*Serving Size

So without further adieu, let our eLBi Foodie Adventure begin!


Dalcielo - Lopez Avenue, beside V-Lounge


Gastronomeats - Lopez Avenue, in front of Centro Mall

Herb Republic


Got any LB restaurants to recommend? Let me know below! Meow!

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