Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mount Cristobal: The Devil's Mountain

Mount Cristobal (or Mount San Cristobal), also called the Devil's Mountain, is one of the most popular mountains that surround Laguna. It is called as such because it lies right beside its opposite -- the Holy Mountain, Mount Banahaw.

Like any mountain in the province, Mount Cristobal is said to be haunted by nature spirits and supernatural elements. I cannot say there is none -- even those who reside at the heart of the very mountain fear these "creatures". Those who are said to disrespect the mountain will be met with misfortune. My only advice is that any traveler must take measures to respect and honor every place he visits so as to prevent any natural or unnatural disasters.
Jumpshot at Mount Cristobal (the peak's invisible due to the clouds, though)

Ever since I was a child, we frequented Mount Cristobal. The Calabia Clan's patriarch -- Hinahon Calabia Sr. -- would bring the entire family up the mountain to a certain private spot called "Awas". It lies at the heart of the mountain, halfway to the peak. It is a place where time seem irrelevant. Believe me when I say an hour up there feels like two. Spend a night and you'll feel like you've lived there long enough.

Even now, years after our grandfather has gone, we still go up the mountain, as a tradition. We spend the night there, pitching tents, lighting a bonfire and feasting on toasted marshmallows on stick (yum!). We take extra care not to be too loud nor leave any trash. We are always careful and respectful of the place.

So if a person riding a horse come circulating your camp in the middle of the night, you must have done something wrong. Be wary. ^_^

Our recent hike up Mount Cristobal has been a fun one. And I expect more of the same in the coming years. Without further ado, here is a video of our two-day affair (which includes swimming in a river at the foot of the mountain).

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